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Nirvana Foundation is alcohol deaddiction centre in nashik l Nasha mukti kendara in nashik l rehab centre in nashik, Maharashtra was established in 2017. The founder member of Nirvana Foundation is one of the most experienced person in De-addiction, Rehabilitation and Mental illness management since 1988. He has worked in the field of social work with devotion and gratitude from Mumbai, Delhi, Goa and many more cities and states around India. In a growing and competitive world its surprising to see the increasing consumption of addictive substances available in bulk like alcohol, drugs, etc.
It has been prove by Alcohol Anonymous / Narcotics Anonymous that addiction is a disease. We at Nirvana Foundation are putting our 100% efforts to rehabilitate the person suffering with this disease of addiction.


Social activities are carried out through Nirvana De-addiction,Rehabilitation and Mental Health Center, along with social commitment. People from many walks of life are trapped in a web of addictions. This includes mostly the younger generation. Many families are falling apart because of the persistence of addiction. How can they live an addiction free life by showing them the right direction through the organizations Program. It is taught And at the same time, we are trying to make it a reality through Nirvana De-addiction, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Center that we are moving towards a new addiction-free life in the right direction by re-establishing the chaotic family life that are full with an addicts problems. Our organization believes that an addict while treating needs love, care and concern program to get out of his addiction. We at Nirvana Foundation are practicing this love, care and concern program with good results.
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